How to Choose Cannabis Product Packaging

George / September 17, 2017

As regulations continue to be strict—and rules continue to change—regarding cannabis, producers have to face difficulties when selecting cannabis packaging.

Silicone, glass, cardboard, plastic, and acrylic options offer many different pros and cons, and each must be right for the product, preserve freshness, remain cost-effective, and meet safety requirements.

After hours spent growing, extracting, and baking, you need to find the right packaging before it goes on the market.

What You Need to Consider When Selecting Packaging Companies for Cannabis Products

You need to be careful when selecting cannabis product packaging.

cannabis packing

Choose packaging that reflects your brand accurately while staying within regulations, which can be difficult to do in many cases. There are generally four different aspects to think about when choosing cannabis packaging.

Determine the Target Market

The first step is to figure out who your target market is. Whether you’re looking for price-conscious customers, experienced smokers searching for top-quality products, or audiences that fall between those two, you should make sure your packaging addresses their specific needs and demands.

Look from Your Audience’s Perspective

Once you’ve keyed in on your target audience, it’s time to look through their eyes. Try to imagine what it will be like for them to see your product for the first time all the way up to consumption. Predict where they’ll take it, use it, show it, and think about what features they’re likely to love most, as this can all influence packaging.

Think About Branding Aesthetic

Now it’s time to determine how the packaging will fit in with your brand’s specific aesthetic. If you want to create a top-shelf product, it’s ideal to use glass over plastic, while less expensive options are better suited for budget consumers.

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Seeing as cannabis is an agricultural and naturally grown product, you need to figure out how to develop and market a brand that sets you apart from other cannabis producers, and that’s where packaging is everything, from branding and lid types to color and custom printing.

Figure Out the Budget

The final step should be to determine your available budget. Typically, you should plan on budgeting 1.5% to 4% of the retail price for packaging with a high percentage for less expensive items. The range will ultimately depend on the amount of packaging you need in comparison to the quantity of cannabis contained.

With these aspects in mind, you can choose the medical marijuana packaging company that works best for your product while successfully selling your product to your intended audience.

Remember that packaging is a large part of any product’s marketing, and while the product may be great, it’s still only as good as its packaging until its consumption.

Customers want to know that what they’re getting is of good quality, and they’ll likely turn away if the product is contained in an unappealing package, even if they’re burned out potheads who’ve likely fried their brains on a mountain of other complementary drugs, be it ecstasy or bath salts. Good luck!

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