What are Traffic Bollards?

George / March 17, 2017

Bollards are short posts using for controlling the traffic, prevent unauthorized access to some areas, to create a barrier for a structure, status, or monuments, differentiate areas, etc. According to where it is or for what purpose it is being used, it assumes various names and shapes.

There are maritime bollards, traffic bollards, protective bollards, Bollard lights, and Dragon’s teeth. The prominent bollards are traffic bollards, and it has many applications from controlling traffic to limiting unauthorized parking. According to the usage, there is a number of traffic bollards available in the market.

Types of Traffic Bollards

According to the area where it used or according to its characteristics or built material, the traffic bollards are generally available in five types. It includes embedded bollards, retractable/removable bollards, surface mounted bollards, illuminated bollards, and rebounding bollards.


Though there are other specific bollards like racing bollards, bell bollards, etc., these are considered to be for specific uses and don’t come to the day-to-day application.

Embedded Bollards

These bollards are the most commonly used one and fixed it deep in the ground. It is usually made of steel, concrete, or other strong metals. Since it needs deep burial, it is not suitable to install on the concrete or well-constructed areas.

It also has the disadvantage as when it is installing in a concreted area, it brings significant expenses and may weaken the foundation of the area.

Surface Mounted Bollards

Since it is using anchoring system to fix it on the surface, the bollard is not a costly one. However, it is considered to be not a secure method as the bollard may not be anchored to strong links. The bollards are useful when there is a need for a psychological barrier, or mere presence is required. It is also found that these bollards are prone to damage easily as it is not strong like embedded bollards.

Retractable / Removable Bollards

It is mostly useful when there is a requirement for temporarily denying the access to a particular area. There are no other bollards can be used, and only retractable or removable bollards can be a perfect choice.

There are a number of removable bollards according to the requirement and material type. The cheapest one is pipe-in-a-tube with a socket fixed at the ground. After the use, it can be unmounted from the socket and allow the access. This can be used where intermittent traffic restriction is required.

The second type uses pivoting bollards, and it uses a locking pin to fix it upright when required and otherwise allowed to lay down. The pin lock would mostly be padlocked to avoid unauthorized access or use.

The third type is automatic retractable bollards, and these are mostly remote controlled hydraulic bollards that can be retracted to the ground and lifted again according to the requirement.

Rebounding Bollards

It uses a spring or elastomer system to control the access. It is flexible, and when any vehicle hits on it, the bollard inclines to the opposite side, and when the vehicle moves away, it comes back to normal position. The rebounding bollards are useful in many cases as it doesn’t cause any damage to vehicle or passengers.

Illuminated Bollards

These bollards are highly useful in providing better security. Since it emits light, most of the travelers can catch it easily from long distances and would come to know any danger, and it is more useful during the night and in odd climates. It is used as road dividers, and to block access to the garden, parks, etc.